Flight Controls, LLC.
4555 Groves Road Unit 8, Columbus, OH 43232
 (614) 863-3208     Fax (614) 864-7048

Flight Controls was established in 1986.  We specialize in the repaIr and overhaul of aircraft flight controls for Beechcraft, Cessna, Piper, and other popular models for piston and turbo prop aircraft.  We also do Lear flaps.  We offer competitive pricing, quality work, and excellent customer service with minimum downtime.  We have an exchange program for some surfaces.  All control surfaces are jig built to factory spec.  We comply with all air worthiness directives during the repair.  We use all factory new parts.

Installing new skins
The control surface is completely disassembled.  All parts are stripped to bare
metal and inspected.  All serviceable parts are epoxy primed.  Defective parts
are replace with factory new.  Unit is reassembled and reskinned in jig.
Disassemble and reassemble control surface in jig and reskin.
Clean and inspect.
Prime internal structure.
Installing New Skins
Defective skins are removed, the internal structure is inspected, and new skins installed.
Control surface is properly prepped, primed, painted, and balanced.  Painting
is done with epoxy primers.  Finished coats are polyurethened with products such
as Imron, Jetglow, ect.